Developers:WordPress Foundations
Written In:PHP
Operating System:Unix-Like, Windows, Linux
Type:Content Management System, Blog, Frame work
Developed Date:May 27,2003 (19 Years)
Website:(wordpress.org) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WordPress
Short Form:WP
Some Quick Facts about Word-press

WordPress is a blogging platform. The finest blogging platform, in theory, is WP. The database is MySQL, and the script is written in PHP. The GNU Public License protects WP, which is free open source software that anyone can use.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a free, open-source CMS based in PHP and combined with MySQL or MariaDB and HTTPS. In WordPress, plugins and templates are called “Themes.” Was originally a blog-publishing system, but it now supports mailing lists, forums, media galleries, membership sites, LMSs, and online storefronts.

What is Plugins?

The features and functionality of a site are increased by plugins. wordpres.org contains 59,756 plugins as of December 2021, all of which have unique features and functionalities. This excludes the roughly 1,500 premium plugins that might not be listed on WordPress.org. Among these adaptations are SEO, client portals that show logged-in users private information, content management systems, widgets, and navigation bars. Some plugins may not function properly or at all because they are not entirely updated. The majority of plugins are accessible via WordPress, either through FTP or the dashboard. Several other websites provide paid plugins.

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How can we Use in Mobile Applications?

It has mobile applications available for WebOS, Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry. These programs, created by Automatic, include features like the ability to upload new blog posts and pages, comment, moderate comments, and react to comments in addition to the statistic display.

Caption: Mobile application in wordpress

What are the some of the extra features in WP?

IT also has integrated link management, a clean, search engine-friendly permalink structure, the capacity to categorize posts into several categories, and assistance with post tagging.

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Is WP is applicable for all users?

As planned by its founders, It may be used by beginners and experts alike. Using one of the dozens of free themes, new users may install WP with a “one-click install” on a hosting provider. Without knowing any coding, these themes let users to change a number of aspects including the site header and colors directly from the dashboard.

Caption: Applicable for all users

In order to enable for customization of the program to meet the requirements of every site, WP provides access to all components of the software, including its theme and plugin systems, application framework, and scripts, for users with experience in website design or development.

Some Differences between WordPres.org and WordPress.com

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