Ecuador national football team


Association: Ecuadorian Football Federation

Head Coach: Gustavo Alfaro

Caption: Enner Valencia

Top Scorer: Enner Valencia

Home Stadium: Estadio Rodrigo paz Delgado


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The Ecuadorian Football Federation is in charge of the men’s national football squad which competes internationally for Ecuador national football team. They joined CONMEBOL in 1927 and FIFA in 1926. Ecuador did not play in the inaugural FIFA World Cup, held in Uruguay, until 2002. The qualifying campaign saw the rise of several players, including Agustn Delgado, Lex Aguinaga, Iván Hurtado, Ulises de la Cruz, and Iván Kaviedes, who would pave the way for Ecuador’s accomplishments in the next ten years after finishing ahead of Brazil and Uruguay in the standings.

Caption: Team Members


Ecuador has struggled historically in South American football. Ecuador has become a strong South American competitor despite past scandals.

Juan Alfredo Wright, newly back from England, brought football to Ecuador. He and his brother Roberto formed Guayaquil Sports Club in 1899. More teams formed as the sport gained popularity. Federación Deportiva Nacional del Ecuador was created in 1925. FIFA invited a men’s squad to the first World Cup in 1930. The then-Minister of Social Security and Sports declined because of the budget.

Ecuador national football team participated in the 1938 I Bolivarian Games football tournament. On 8 August 1938, they drew 1–1 with Bolivia. Next, they beat Colombia 2–1. Ecuador tied for second with Bolivia after losing 9-1 to Peru and 5-2 to Venezuela. Bolivia won a playoff, and Ecuador won bronze.

Home Stadium:

Quito’s Estadio Olympic Atahualpa is home to Ecuador’s national squad. After opening in 1951, its capacity was lowered to 35,724. The stadium’s running track is one of the best in South America for IAAF events. Stadium’s 15 gates allow a 10-minute escape. The northern section has an electronic scoreboard. The 10-by-30-meter screen was made by Elektroimpex in Hungary in 1985.

Caption: Ecuador Stadium

Team Image:

Yellow shirt, blue shorts, and red socks are the basic Ecuadorian uniform colors. White and blue are alternate uniform colors based on the Guayas Province flag. From 1965 to 2020, Ecuador’s crest featured the Andean condor over a colored shield. The Ecuadorian Football Federation unveiled a logo revamp in January 2020: a navy blue shield with a “FEF” monogram “abstractly building a condor.”

Coaching Staff

Head coach Gustavo Alfaro
Assistant coachClaudio Cristofanelli
Assistant coachCarlos González
Assistant coachNicolas Chiesa
Goalkeeping coach
Fitness coach
Diego Carranza
Sergio Chiarelli
Caption: Name of coach
Boca Juniors’ team coach Gustavo Alfaro is pictured before the start of the Argentina First Division Superliga football match against Lanus at La Bombonera stadium in Buenos Aires, on February 17, 2019.

Retired Number of Player:

The Ecuadorian Football Federation retired Christian Bentez’s number 11 after his death. Luis Chiriboga, then-president of the Federation, said no other player would wear Bentez’s number. FIFA restrictions forced the 2014 World Cup squad to reinstall the number.

What position does Ecuador hold in FIFA?

FIFA ranks Ecuador 12th worldwide. They’re sixth in South America, behind Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Brazil, and Uruguay.

Group A

Qatar and Ecuador are playing in 2022 Worldcup in Nov 20.

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